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Director Application

I declare that I am a candidate for the Placerville Food Co-op Board of Directors.  I recognize that as a Director I will have fiduciary responsibility to the owners to act in an informed and prudent manner.  I recognize that as a Director I will have a duty to represent the owners at large and to act in their best interests (not those of any fraction thereof).  I understand that “serving as a Director” is a job which requires that I:

  1. Prepare for and attend all Board and Owners Meetings.
  2. Attend Board training sessions.
  3. Serve on at least one committee.
  4. Become familiar with the Co-op’s Bylaws, Policies, and Financial Statements.
  5. Be an owner in good standing

What we expect from Directors:

  1. A genuine interest in Co-op issues and our community
  2. A solid three-year commitment to the Board
  3. A willingness to take responsibility for Board duties, and work together with understanding, mutual support, and respect to make decisions that will enhance the viability of the co-op

To Apply

Submit the form below, please note we will use some of this information to publicly post as you run for election. Public postings will include and may not be limited to posting on our website, email campaigns, social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. The Board of Directors holds the Cooperative Corporation in trust for the owner-members, and is legally responsible for the corporation.
  2. The Board of Directors creates and evaluates our self-governing policy register.
  3. The Board of Directors leads the strategic planning process.
  4. The Board of Directors creates objectives and policies based on its vision; and gives those policies and objectives to the General Manager for implementation
  5. The Board of Directors maintains and updates its legal governing documents (i.e., the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws).
  6. The Board of Directors hires and evaluates the General Manager.
  7. The Board of Directors schedules and facilitates the Annual Owner/Member Meeting.
  8. Any other activity of the Board of Directors shall concur with our governing documents.



The Board of Directors is committed to carrying out the Mission of the Placerville Natural Food Co-op as stated in our Mission Statement and in our Articles of Incorporation.  The Board of Directors is responsible for reviewing and approving the budget; fiscal stability, visionary long-range planning, and corporate policies.  We provide collective leadership, advice, and policy governance to the General Manager and of the Placerville Food Coop on behalf of owner/members.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare for each Board of Directors meeting by reading minutes, reports, financial statements, and other materials distributed prior to the meeting.
  • Attend all regular and special Board meetings, participate in the proceedings, and follow the agenda.
  • Serve on at least one committee and actively participate in meetings of the committee.
  • Maintain knowledge of current corporate policies and the objectives of the corporation.
  • Financially support the Co-op by being an active owner and shopping there regularly.
  • Actively recruit new Co-op owners, and encourage them to serve on the Board or on standing committees.
  • Share expertise and talents with the co-op as appropriate.
  • Serve as an advocate of the corporation to the community.
  • Be accessible to the General Manager (GM) and other Board Members as needed.
  • Contribute at least six (6) hours a month in working for the Co-op.
  • Fulfill commitments within the agreed-upon deadlines.
  • Hold in confidence any sensitive information, for example, disputed or confidential corporation actions, policies, or issues with the co-op members, employees, or the general public unless all Directors agree to do so.  All issues related to personnel, real estate, market strategy and goals, pending litigation, contract negotiations, and financial status (member loans, bank loans, GM salary, etc.) will be considered sensitive issues subject to confidentiality. Release of any sensitive information is authorized only with the approval of the Board as a whole.
  • Read and become familiar with the By Laws, Articles of Incorporation, and the Policy Register of the Placerville Food Co-op.
  • If resignation from the Board should become necessary, give at least two months notice, more if possible.