Director Application

Become a Board of Director

I declare that I am a candidate for the Placerville Food Co-op Board of Directors. I recognize that as a Director I will have fiduciary responsibility to the owners to act in an informed and prudent manner. I recognize that as a Director I will have a duty to represent the owners at large and to act in their best interests (not those of any fraction thereof). I understand that “serving as a Director” is a job which requires that I:

  1. Prepare for and attend all Board and Owners Meetings.
  2. Attend Board training sessions.
  3. Serve on at least one committee.
  4. Become familiar with the Co-op’s Bylaws, Policies, and Financial Statements.
  5. Be an owner in good standing

What we expect from Directors:

  1. A genuine interest in Co-op issues and our community
  2. A solid three-year commitment to the Board
  3. A willingness to take responsibility for Board duties, and work together with understanding, mutual support, and respect to make decisions that will enhance the viability of the co-op

Board Member Job Descriptions & Responsibilities

How To Apply

Submit the form below, please note we will use some of this information to publicly post as you run for election. Public postings will include and may not be limited to posting on our website, email campaigns, social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

We will never publicly post your email, phone number, address or member number.

We will post your name, bio picture, and other information you submit.

Please note: This form will disappear after submission, we will confirm your application manually via email. For questions please email: [email protected]

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