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Community Outreach & Donation Program

Community Outreach Program (Printable Google doc)

The Placerville Food Co-op is pleased to offer small financial and in-kind donations to a variety of local community groups through our Community Donations Program. The purpose of this program is to serve the general welfare of our members and of the public by providing assistance for projects aimed at the betterment of the community. Please familiarize yourself with the different types of donations we offer before filling out the Community Donation Request Form.

Gift Card or Product Donation: Most of our support is provided in the form of Co-op Gift Cards, generally $20.00. Occasionally we are able to fill requests for donated products or other items.

Our financial confines require us to be selective with our donations. Donations are given to non-partisan organizations that are in compliance with the following criteria:

1. Your organization is focused around one of the subjects listed below:
· Environment and Sustainability
· Agriculture
· Health and Wellness
· Food Security and Self Sufficiency
· Community Building
· Education
· Conscious Consumption and Living

2. Your request must be made at least three weeks in advance: We have a limited monthly donations budget that we allocate on a first come, first serve basis. It is therefore in your best interest to submit your request as early as possible.

3. Your event is well organized: Please help us to make our time meaningful by being well prepared.

4. PFC Recognition: In exchange for our donation we ask that you recognize us in the following ways, as applicable.
· Create 1-2 social media posts about the PFC and link them to our Facebook page
· Link our Facebook page to your event page
· Include the PFC logo on your event flier
· Verbally recognize the Placerville Food Co-op at your event
· Display passive information at the event, such as PFC fliers or a thank your sign
Please use our full name, Placerville Food Co-op, in all official references to our business.

Please email [email protected] with your detailed and timely request. Due to a high volume of emails, please allow 3 days for a response, and 5 days if you request is sent over the weekend.