Meet our Board of Directors

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Joe Childers

Board Member, 2020 - 2022

I have been a resident of Placerville since 2009.  I spent 27 years as a faculty member and dean at the University of California, Riverside, then two more as the provost of St. George’s University in Grenada, West Indies. Originally from the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas, I grew up in a large family that made a point of producing its own victuals: everything from okra to beef. For the last several years, I've been a plant-based eater and have become increasingly interested in “thinking locally” about what we eat.  I am a relatively new member of the Board and joined because I believe the Co-op strengthens the community by supporting local growers, educating its members, and providing healthy food choices to all its patrons.  I love living in the Foothills and when I'm not fly fishing one of the area streams, I am usually looking for a local jam where I can play my mandolin and learn from the other musicians.


Sarah Jones

Board President, 2018-2021

I'm a proud member of the Co-op! My interest in being on the board is primarily to contribute to and be more involved in the community. I believe that how food is grown and where we obtain it plays a major role in the health of the environment and ourselves. The co-op contributes to local economic development and I'm proud to play a role in making it sustainable for years to come. I became a co-op member when I moved to Placerville in 2016 because I think it's important to support local businesses. 
My educational background is in natural resource management. I hold a Master of Applied Science degree in Environmental Policy and a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Biology. Throughout my career, I have worked in environmental program management in different capacities. Currently, I am a Program Manager for a Resource Conservation District. I have experience in grant writing, strategic planning, legislative affairs, communications, event planning and community outreach. I'm honored to use my skills and experience to support the co-op. 

Ben Hansen

Board Member, 2016-2019

I moved to Placerville a year and a half ago to start 24 Carrot Farm and became a member of the Coop immediately.  Before that I worked as a restaurant manager at farm to fork restaurants in San Francisco and ran a non-profit fruit harvesting program in Oakland CA. My passion for healthy, local, organic food is what got me into farming and it's what drives me to be an active member of our Coop community. I hope to assist the Coop in sourcing more local organic food from all of our local farms at prices that everyone in our community can afford. I represent local farmers and Coop members as I am proud to be both.


Lefteri Al Tsacle

Board Member, 2020-2023

I moved to Placerville in 2015 after retiring from  a career as a faculty member in the Computer Information Systems Department  of California State University, Stanislaus. As a first generation American of Greek descent, interest in food has always been a central focus in my life. My father emigrated to the US from Greece and owned a small neighborhood grocery store in the Mission district of San Francisco.  I worked at my dad’s  store  starting at age 12  until I graduated from college at age 22. Also, starting  at age 17, I worked as a cook’s assistant at the Golden Gate Inn, a restaurant in San Francisco’s ocean beach neighborhood.

After moving to Placerville, my interest in organic and  plant-based foods led me  to become a member of the Placerville Food  Co-op.  In 2020 I was elected to a three year term on the Board of Directors and I look forward to contributing towards the success of the Placerville Food Co-op.


Lucy O'Dea

Board Member, 2019-2022

I joined the Co-op when I moved to Placerville in 2018. I am one of the owners and operators of Flying V Farm, a local organic farm here in Placerville. We are structured as a worker-owned business which means that the Cooperative Principles also guide our priorities and direction. By sitting on the PFC Board of Directors, I am able to engage with Placerville on a deeper level, with the hope of connecting more people to healthy food and community. In my free time I like to explore our local surroundings, cook elaborate meals, and listen to records.