Own a Grocery Store with Your Friends & Neighbors

When you join the Co-op you are more than a member — you are an owner!

When we say “community-owned,” we mean that more than 2,000 members of our community have an equity share in the Co-op. Placerville Food Co-op isn’t owned by one single individual. It is owned by your communities members, friends, and neighbors.

Ownership Benefits

Quarterly Discount Program

Owners receive 10% OFF their entire order once per quarter. That’s 4 times a year!

Monthly Wellness Discounts

Owners receive 15% OFF on wellness products the first weekend of every month.

Senior Sunday

Owners over the age of 62 receive 10% OFF their entire order EVERY SUNDAY.

Bulk and Case Order Discounts

Owners receive 10% OFF on special bulk and case orders.

Vote in Co-op Board Elections

Participate in the democratic process and vote for new Co-op board members.

Be a Co-op
board member

Serve the Co-op by sitting on the Board of Directors. Meetings occur on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Ownership Faq's

Your owner investment is $300. The investment must be paid in full within 3 years.

Yes! Make a $25 payment to begin your ownership, then make a $25 payment (at minimum) every quarter for 3 years.

Owners are welcome to make more frequent payments and/or pay more than $25 to reach their full equity investment before 3 years’ time.

Not at all! Once you have paid your investment in full, the only money you give to the Co-op will be for your regular shopping trips. There are no monthly, quarterly, or yearly fees associated with Co-op ownership.

Of course! You will receive your full investment balance (MINUS a $10 administrative fee) if you decide to withdraw your ownership.

Absolutely! Placerville Food Co-op is open to ALL. Owners get additional perks, like discounts!

You are welcome to shop at the Co-op! However, owners who are behind on their equity payments are not eligible for Owner perks, like the quarterly discounts. These perks will be available to you once you become current with your equity account.

No way! Co-op ownership is for one household ONLY. Your Co-op ownership may be revoked if anyone outside your household uses your Co-op number.

Just one! According to our Bylaws, only one ownership share may be purchased per household.

Nope! One household = One ownership share = One vote in the election.